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Tenmars TM-204 LUX/FC Light Level Meter upto 200,000 Lux

Tenmars TM-204 LUX/FC Light Level Meter upto 200,000 Lux

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Manufacturer: TENMARS
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Light Level (LUX/FC) Meter

(Model No.: TM- 204)
Quality Product ~ Made in Taiwan


  • 3½ digits LCD with maximum reading 2000.
  • Overload indication : “OL” .
  • Low battery indication


  • According to JISC1609:1993 and CNS 5119 general A class specifications.
  • Spectral responce close to CIE luminous spectral efficiency.
  • Measuring intensities of illumination in Lux or Foot-candle.
  • Measuring lights source include all visible light sources.
  • Length of wire for light sensor: approximately 1.5M.
  • Cosine angular corrected.
  • Many applications include: warehouses, factories, office buildings,restaurants, schools, library, hospitals, photographic,video, parking garages, museums, art
    galleries, stadiums, building security.


3½ digits, 2000 readings

     Data hold Yes
     Max hold Yes
     Zero adjustment Yes
     Sensor Silicon photo diode and filter

     Measuring range

200, 2000, 20000, 200000 Lux
20, 200, 2000, 20000 Foot-candle


+/- 3% (Calibrated to standard incandescent lamp 2856º K and
corrected LED day white light)
+/- 8% (other visible light source )

     Angle deviation
     from cosine

30º +/- 2%
60º +/- 6%


+/- 25%

     Meter size (LxWxH)


     Sensor size (LxWxH)


     Weight (including 9V battery)


 Standards Certification:
  • CE
  • ROHS
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