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Utilities are those companies that build and maintain the infrastructure needed to provide electricity, gas, telecommunication, and water, or to manage wastewater and sewage; they also provide the related service that utilizes that infrastructure. Utility services are fundamental to modern society.

    CEM DT-8894 CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer with InfraRed Thermometer & PC software (70mm Vane)

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    Air Velocity, Air Flow (volume), Air Temperature & Surface Temperature

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    CEM DT-9883M 6-in-1 Air Particle Counter, Mass Concentration, HCHO, CO2 & TVOC Gas Detector w/ LCD, Camera

    Air Particle Counter, Temperature and Humidity Measure and Gas (HCHO, CO2, TVOC) Detectors

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    HM Digital HM-200 Hydromaster Portable EC TDS pH Temp Monitor

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    Trifield Electromagnetic Meter 3-axis EMF Detector Model TF2

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    Electromagnetic pollution meter (magnetic, electric, microwave fields)

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