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Car Air Purifier / Negative Ions Ionizer

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Car Air Purifier / Negative Ions Ionizer

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Brand: GMM
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GMM Car Air Purifier
(Model: EP501)

For our car air purifiers, when it works, a high-concentration of negative ions will be generated and released into the air. As you know, negative ions has health care effect on human body. Also it can effectively absorb smoke and dust in the air, then sink to the ground to make the air fresh. In addition, when the anions are generated and released, also accompanied slight ozone(O3) produced. Ozone(O3) can kill the bacteria and remove bad smell, but the slight density wouldn't effect the human's body.


  • The generated anions can dispel dust, smog in the automobile, make the air natural and fresh.
  • Generates negative ions to improve human heart and lung function, promote metabolism, dispel fatigue, and relieve car sickness.
  • Lightly ozone can dispel mildew smell, smoke, and formaldehyde, benzene and poisonous gas discharged in the car.
  • Simply plug into cigarette lighter ports, also be perfect for use in truck, RV or camper.
  • Gentle built-in light as working indication and decoration.
  • Air is used as the material, no secondary pollution, low-power consumption, environmental friendly.
  • Compact & exquisite body with high quality, acting as an excellent gift.


  • Product Size:101*36*21 mm
  • Rated Voltage:DC 12 V
  • Rated Power:<1 W
  • Emission Head Voltage: > -2.6 KV
  • Anion Density:≥3,000,000(pcs/cm³)
  • Ozone Density:< 0.05 ppm
  • Available Space:4㎡
  • Interface Type:Car Cigarette Lighter
  • Noise Level:<29dBA
  • Operating Temperature:-10°C~+50°C
  • Body Material:ABS
  • Net Weight:27g
  • Standard:IEC 60335.1 60335-2-65