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The Ultrasonic Pet Trainer / Pet-Agree
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The Ultrasonic Pet Trainer / Pet-Agree

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Brand: K2 Meter
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  • User Instruction   Size: 46 KB     [download]

Manufactured in USA

Ultrasonic Pet Trainer

A quick click of the PET-AGREE emits a silent, humane, high frequency sound toemphasize verbal commands or interrupt bad behavior.

The PET-AGREE can reduce training time of dogs and cats from months to just weeks or even minutes. The PET-AGREE is also useful for barking dog problems and to repel stray or unwanted dogs and cats.

Trains Pets Quickly:

The PET-AGREE is perfect for any person who loves their dog or cat, but wants help in breaking a bad habit, or teaching them a new command.

Pet owners, groomers, kennel operators, veterinarians and animal control officers agree that the PET-AGREE is a safe, silent, effective and humane way to help train your pets. The PET-AGREE is a humane alternative to shock collars, choker chains, electric mats, rolled up newspapers or physical force to emphasize commands to your pet.

Made of durable, high impact ABS molded plastic, the sky blue PET-AGREE comes with a belt clip for convenience.

Ultrasonic Sound Makes Pet Training faster and easier. At the click of the PET-AGREE, a silent, humane, high frequency sound is emitted that will help emphasize verbal commands of pet owners and trainers. Clearly audible to dogs and cats, the sound cannot be heard by people. Use of the PET-AGREE can reduce training time of dogs and cats from months to just weeks, and in some cases even minutes.

The PET-AGREE gets the attention of your pet in much the same way your voice does. The distinct ultrasonic sound of the PET-AGREE helps keep the attention of your pet, assuring you they understand the command.

For example, point the PET-AGREE toward your dog or cat as you give a verbal command, press the PET-AGREE button for one or two seconds, and the pet should respond to your command expected. Repeated use of the PET-AGREE in this manner will help reinforce training efforts.

Re-enforce Commands:

  • Sit
  • Heel
  • Stay
  • Quiet
  • Down
  • Come

Correct Pet Behavior Problems:

  • Stop clawing, chewing
  • Stop digging the yard
  • Stop cat wailing
  • Stop car chasing
  • Keep off furniture
  • Stop bitting, scratching
  • Stop excessive braking
  • Stop jumping on people
  • Stay out of an area
  • Helps with bousebreaking


    • ABS plastic case
    • Stanless steel belt clip
    • Ergonomic design
    • Madein the USA
    • LED diagnostic indicator
    • 9 volt alkaline battery included
    • Inaudible ultrasound
    • Easy to use

~~~ 01 Year Manufacturer Warranty ~~~