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UbiBot Soil EC Temperature (-40℃ to +80℃) Moisture Probe Sensor for GS1 & SP1

UbiBot Soil EC Temperature (-40℃ to +80℃) Moisture Probe Sensor for GS1 & SP1

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Soil EC & Temperature & Mositure Sensor Probe with 1.9m cable
for UbiBot GS1-AETH1RS / GS1-AL4G1RS / SP1
(Model No.: UBISECTH3M)

Monitoring the soil PH with wide range and good linearity


This probe specialises in monitoring EC, Tempearture and Moisture of soil. Embedded with industrial-grade chip, the probe offers accurate measurement. The stainless steel probe can be inserted into the soil for a long term without being corroded. The durable cable ensures stable data transmission.

The Audio plug is designed for the UbiBot GS1 and SP1 device.

The measurements are transferred to the devices, displayed on the large LCD screen and synced to the platform via network. So you can access the data instantly on the screen or remotely view them via our app or web console.


  • Electrolysis-resistant
  • Design to pairs UbiBot GS1 device
  • Accurate, fast data acquistion 
  • Stainless steel probe


  • Geological Survey
  • Horticulture EC Monitoring
  • Succulent Plant Caring
  • Green House Soil Condition Management 


  • Power supply: DC 5-30V
  • Soil Conductivity (EC)
    • Range: 0-20000us/cm
    • Resolution: 1us/cm
    • Accuracy:
      • ±3%FS in the range 0-10000us/cm
      • ±5%FS in the range 10000-20000us/cm
  • Soil Moisture
    • Range: 0-100%
    • Resolution: 0.1%
    • Accuracy:
      • ±2% within 0-50%,
      • ±3% within 50-100% (brown soil, 60%, 25°C)
  • Soil Temperature
    • Range: -40~80°C
    • Resolution: 0.1°C
    • Accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Operating temperature: -20℃~60℃
  • Protection: IP68
  • Cable Length: 1.9m
  • Dimension: 45*15*123mm
  • Output signal: RS485 (Modbus protocol)
  • Firmware V1.1.1 or above

Special Note: ONLY support UniBot GS1/GS1-S series produced after 18 July 2022. GS1-1DS is not supported.