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200kg/100g Digital Postal Scale with counting function
Special Offer

Platform Size: 300*360mm

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10Kg/1g Digital Electronic Postal Weighing Kitchen Scale

Counting function. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

SG$  29.95  19.95   33%  
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Shieldgreen EMF Shielding & Grounding Earthing Therapy Kit (Silveric) Purple Mat

Shieldgreen against Hazards of Electromagnetic

SG$  268.00  198.00   26%  
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Shieldgreen EMF Shielding & Earthing Therapy Desk Foot Multi Grounding Mat Pad (Silver Bamboo)

Shieldgreen against Hazards of Electromagnetic

SG$  188.00  138.00   27%  
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CEM DT-172 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger -40~+70℃

Temp : -40 to 70℃, -40 to 158℉ / ±1℃, Humidity : 0 to 100%RH / ±3%RH 16000 each for temp. and RH

SG$  248.00  189.95   23%  
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BRAMC BR-SMART-128SE 5-in-1 Air Quality Monitor PM2.5 PM10 Formaldehyde CO2 VOCs

Real-time air quality monitoring instrument

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SOEKS Quantum Professional Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector

Measurement of cumulative dose up to 100 Sv. Computer synchronization via USB.

SG$  498.00  398.00   20%  
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Trifield Electromagnetic Meter 3-axis EMF Detector Model TF2

Electromagnetic pollution meter (magnetic, electric, microwave fields)

SG$  338.00  318.00   6%  
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