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Heliognosis Experimental Life Energy Meter (LM4)

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Heliognosis Experimental Life Energy Meter (LM4)

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Experimental Life Energy Meter
(Model No. LM4)

After several years of development, Heliognosis is proud to introduce the Experimental Life Energy Meter. Based on the mysterious Orgone Field Meter of Wilhelm Reich, this unique device detects a new type of energy field known by several names including Orgone, life energy, Chi and Zero-point energy. The original Orgone field meter of Reich required a large high frequency and high voltage power supply which would occassionally shock the user. The output was a simple light bulb whose intensity could be compared subjectively or using an optically coupled galvanometer. Little is known about the original device beyond Reich's claims that living things yielded higher readings than non-living objects.

At Heliognosis, our engineers have developed the basic operational principle of the Orgone Field Meter into a compact, benchtop monitor. It provides quantitative readings of the energy content of humans, animals, plants, solutions and even space itself. The plate excitation energy has been reduced so direct contact with the skin does not cause any unpleasant sensations. The meter provides five ranges to detect from the strongest fields such as those found in humans to the weakest fields encountered in ambient surroundings. Zero controls are provided to allow the user to "zoom in" and make detailed comparisons between samples as well as to provide the user the possibility of measuring as a field strength meter or as a positive/negative comparison indicator.

How it works

A low frequency "displacement current" is connected unipolarly to a sensor which may be a vacuum tube or an insulated metal plate. The "displacement current" field fills the space surrounding the sensor and permeates all objects in its vicinity. The internal circuitry of the meter returns information about the extent of absorbtion of the excitation field and displays this as a deflection of the meter. Living things absorb more than non living things. The strength of the excitation field is proportional to the surface area that the plate makes with the surrounding space. Thus, metal objects brought near the sensor will cause the reading to increase. Water, which Reich believed to have a high energy content, also reacts strongly. Tests with other energy fields have shown that the instrument is insensitive to magnetic, electrostatic, electromagnetic and nuclear energies. Simple experiments, such as tests performed on plant leaves, have shown that green healthy leaves yield a high reading where as yellowing leaves show less and brown or dying leaves show only a small reading. Even after all objects are moved away from the sensor, a weak fluctuation may be detected and seen on the highest ranges of the device. It would appear that this fluctuation is due to the local Orgone field flux of space itself and may be a proof of the existence of the elusive "aether" or zero point energy.

Using the meter

The LM4 is provided with an internal flat plate electrode (blue square) for general purpose use. An included glass tube sensor can also be plugged in at the top of the device and may be rotated for various types of measurements. For most measurements, the test object may be brought up to the blue square and a reading taken either in contact or at a fixed distance. The reading will decrease as the object is moved further away. For consistent readings, always place objects for comparison at exactly the same distance or position to the electrode. For larger distances, the range switch may be moved to a higher position to increase the sensitivity.

To determine the correct range for measurement, first zero the meter on the x1 range using the coarse and fine zero controls without any objects near the tube. Bring the object to the desired distance and observe the meter deflection. If the deflection is less than 10%, select the next highest range and re-zero in the absence of the test object. If the reading is still less than 10% repeat this procedure. If small differences between objects is to be observed, set the range to x10 and set the zero to mid-scale (on the -/+ line) while measuring the reference object. Place the test object in place and observe the difference on the meter. If the meter falls to zero or rises to 100, decrease the range and repeat the procedure. If the difference is 5% or less the range may be increased and the procedure repeated.


  • Ranges: x1, x10, x100, x1000, x2000
  • Sensing plate area:
    • Tube setting
      • 2.25 sq. in. metal plate (included)
      • glass tube (included)
    • Plate setting
      • 2 sq. ft. metal plate
  • Sensor connectors: standard banana jack
  • Recorder output: 0 - 2.5V standard 1/8" mono phono jack
  • Power: 4 "AA" batteries (included)
  • Sensing distance ie. human body
    • vacuum tube - up to 2 ft
    • 2 sq. ft. plate - up to 6 ft


Since 2003 our customers have used the Experimental Life Energy Meter for a wide range of applications. Some of the earliest work focused on comparing the vitality of organic produce compared to conventionally grown foods. This can be achieved using the LM4 and the standard probes included with the meter. Similar plant studies also possible with the basic life meter apparatus include measuring moisture absorbtion or leaf mass, qualities that otherwise cannot be easily observed without killing the specimen.

The Heliognosis LM4 is obviously the ideal choice for Reichian research. Some popular applications include:

  • studying Orgone objectively in living things and the atmosphere
  • reproducing Wilhelm Reich's Orgone field meter experiments with high sensitivity
  • studying the growth cycle of Bion and cell culture without a microscope
  • testing Orgone, Radionic and Chi generators for their effective output

The introduction of our new Fluid Probe System opens up further exciting possiblities:

  • perform the Reich blood test for organismic vitality
  • measure holistically induced effects in water
  • quality control for the production of:
    • bottled water
    • water filtration systems
    • unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juices
    • all-natural organic extracts
    • energy and 'smart' drinks
    and these are only a few examples...

Of course many Heliognosis customers are interested in methods to expand their spiritual and vitality awareness. The AuraScan combined with the Data Acquisition System allows users to perform full scans of the human body for clinical wellness studies.

  • visualize the effects of massage and energy treatments
  • direct measurements and analysis of Chakra energy and armour
  • monitor daily changes to the energy body induced by lifestyle
  • master altering your meridian energy levels similar to biofeedback techniques (without the electrodes!)

An Introduction to the history and use of the LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter